5 Huge Reasons to Buy Property in Liverpool This Year

Liverpool is a city steeped in history and culture, a part of the UK which continues to thrive and regularly attract tourists, businesses and, more pertinently, homebuyers. Based upon the banks of the River Mersey and boasting one of the most stunning skylines you’ll find in Europe, the 2008 Capital of Culture has always held a certain appeal for property investors.

In 2019, however, that appeal has greatly intensified, with the iconic North West city presenting buyers with an irresistible opportunity. Famous for its beautiful architecture, flourishing music scene and passionate football teams, Liverpool has undergone an extensive regeneration project in recent years; with the substantial investment seeing the creation of a number of exciting property developments.

Without question, this is an incredibly exciting time for anyone looking to buy property in Liverpool in 2019, and now could be the best time for you to take the plunge and finally make the investment.

Impressive House Price Growth

When buying any kind of property, you’ll obviously need to make sure you’re making a sound investment and stand to make money in the long-run. Of course, this means you need to do your research and check on the projected house price growth in the area, since this will tell you if the potential profits are actually worth the initial investment.

In recent months, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has undoubtedly caused house prices to stagnate, with Nationwide reporting that UK house prices grew by less than 1% for the fifth month in a row this April. Although this is certainly encouraging news for first-time buyers, such slow growth rates are inevitably causing sellers a great deal of concern.

Fortunately, Liverpool has seen some of the most impressive growth rates since the 2016 EU referendum, with house prices rising by 11% during that time and standing in stark contrast to the falling prices in southern parts of the country. According to Zoopla, the average property value in Liverpool has risen by more than 5% in the last year, with similar rises also found in cities such as Leicester, Manchester and, to a slightly lesser extent, Nottingham.

Over the past 3 years, the number of property sales in Liverpool has risen by 19%, with the market continuing to flourish despite any overarching Brexit doubts.

House Prices Remain Affordable

Despite such impressive house price growth, Liverpool remains one of the most affordable UK cities to live in 2019. According to Hometrack’s UK Cities House Price Index, the average home in Liverpool is currently valued at around £122,000, while London and Cambridge sit at the other end of the scale with average prices of £482,700 and £426,000 respectively.

In comparison to other major northern cities, properties in Manchester (£169,300), Leeds (£165,200), Newcastle (£128,800) and Sheffield (138,200) are all significantly more expensive than those in Liverpool. Considering the rapid growth rates and redevelopment of the city, the opportunity for investment here should be clear for all to see.

The City is Beautiful

Even before the extensive regeneration projects, Liverpool has always been one of the most picturesque cities in the UK. Nestled beside the tranquil waters of the River Mersey, this maritime city includes a truly iconic skyline, with the beautiful waterfront featuring an abundance of breath-taking architecture.

Such beautiful structures can be found throughout the rest of the city, too, with a combination of modern apartment blocks and historic buildings representing over 300 years of rich history. In the midst of this gorgeous architecture, Liverpool offers a selection of scenic parks to help tourists and residents escape the chaos of city living.

The lush greenery of Calderstones, Sefton and Stanley Park sit just a stone’s throw away from the city centre, providing the perfect setting for a fun family day out or a relaxing walk in the sun, while there’s a multitude of other smaller parks within much closer proximity. In short, Liverpool serves up a combination of urban living and natural beauty which is incredibly difficult to find anywhere else.

The Transport Links are Excellent

Since it’s one of the largest and busiest shipping ports in the world, it’s fair to say that Liverpool has always been famous for its excellent accessibility. Located within 10 minutes of 10 different motorways, there are also just under 70 train stations and an extensive bus network throughout the area; making it incredibly easy for residents to make their way around the city and to other parts of the country. Whether you work in the city centre or need to commute a little further afield, Liverpool offers the transport links you need to conveniently travel on a daily basis.

Endless Entertainment

A city that’s become notorious for its bustling music scene and incredible history, Liverpool has never been a place that’s short of things to do. The entire city is jam-packed with fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars, while the combination of unique independent shops and popular high street chains makes it one of the best places to shop in the UK.

Due to its rich heritage, Liverpool offers a plethora of stunning landmarks to explore, such as the Royal Albert Dock, Town Hall and Royal Liver Building, while the Cavern Club and The Beatles Story museum are essential highlights for any music-lovers hoping to move to the area. Offering a wide selection of museums, theatres, parks, festivals and too many other activities to list, Liverpool provides endless entertainment for the whole family.

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