5 Reasons to Move to the North West

People often say that it’s grim up north, but anyone who’s lived in the region will tell you that the often gloomy North West has a certain charm to it. Attracting people from far and wide, moving up north is far more pleasant that it’s been made out to be.

Unsure about looking for houses in the region? Here are 5 reasons why you won’t regret moving to the North West of England.

The House Prices

For those looking to get on the property ladder, there will be no reason more appealing to move to the North West of England than the house prices in the region, coming in at an average of £160,811 as of January 2019, according to the UK House Price Index. Compare this to house prices in the South East region and London where they were £321,174 and £471,230 respectively, and the north starts to look a little bit less grim of a prospect.

Take the Greater Manchester area, for example, where you can snap up a property for as little as £111,583, far below the national and regional average. The city centre itself might not fall into the budget of most first-time buyers, but areas like Newton Heath are located only 3 miles away from the centre, and have far lower property prices.

Plenty of Countryside

No matter how much you love city life, nothing beats getting away from the concrete jungle. With a strong transport network and plenty of countryside on offer, wherever you choose to call home in the North West, you’re never too far from a long walk in the fresh country air.

The North West is also home to some beautiful national parks and even the major cities have pocked of green spaces hidden around them. While the same can be said further South, you’ll more than likely be paying premium property prices to be in proximity to the countryside.

Rich Culture and History

You’ll be hard pressed to find another region with such a rich culture and diverse history to explore. From iconic bands to historic houses, the North is the home of key historical moments like the War of the Roses, and important monuments like Hadrian’s Wall – and that’s only the beginning! The region has countless historical homes and estates for tourists to enjoy.

But it’s not all about history that stretches back hundreds of years. The region is also known for its sport culture and history, with a strong presence in cricket, rugby league and, of course, the beautiful game: football. And it would be doing the North West a disservice to not mention the iconic bands it has produced from the Smiths and the Stone Roses, to more recent successes like the Arctic Monkeys.

There is Always Something to Do or See

Living up North, you are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do and see. Whether you’re a sport fan, enjoy culture, or like to spend your weekends going on long walks in the beautiful countryside, there really is something for everyone to look forward to. Home to the world-famous scenic areas The Leak District and the Peak District, people come from far and wide to enjoy the area, so why not move here and have them right on your doorstep?

If you prefer the lure of the urban jungle and big shopping trips, you’re in luck too with shopaholic heavens like the Trafford Centre outside of Manchester, Liverpool One, and The Trinity in Leeds hosting the biggest names in retail. And who could forget about Cheshire Oaks, the designer outlet where you can take your pick of some of the biggest designer names at discount prices.

On the culture front, cities like Liverpool and Manchester have earned themselves iconic status with music lovers, giving the world some of the most highly regarded bands in the world from The Beatles to Oasis. Not keen to rest on their laurels, both cities are known for their excellent music venues with plenty of choice from large arenas, to smaller intimate venues. And where else could you experience the darlings of the North like Courteeners and Blossoms in the same way as their hometown of Manchester, where the crowds are just as famous for their energy as the bands themselves.

Plenty of Property Developments to Choose From

From Manchester and Liverpool to the beautiful Cheshire area, there are plenty of property developments in the North West for buyers to choose from. Blackmore Homes is pleased to offer a range of stunning homes for sale in these areas, offering an affordable and functional choice for those looking to get on the property ladder.

To find out more about our North West portfolio of properties, get in touch today!

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