Best Postcodes for Property Buyers and Sellers

Buying a property or selling one are both tricky affairs, with much of your success depending on your location. Certain postcodes will favour a seller’s market, while others will be far more advantageous for those looking to buy a property. Read on to find out which postcodes in England are currently the best for property buyers and which ones are the best for sellers.

Property Buyers

The best postcodes for those in the market for a new home will be the areas where properties have been slow to sell, due to a lack of demand. While this is bad news for sellers in these postcodes, it puts buyers in a position of power, allowing them to negotiate a better sale price. In fact, a number of the Blackmore Homes property developments are located in these postcodes – including the North West and Yorkshire and the Humber – offering you the perfect opportunity to invest in a property before the local market begins favouring sellers.

SW8 – London

With the London property market still suffering a slump, it should come as no surprise that SW8 is experiencing a dry spell in terms of property sales, making it the perfect time for buyers to negotiate the best sale price. A long period of homes being slow to sell means that owners are keen to close a deal, leaving them thinking far more favourably about lowering their asking price. Of course, this all has to be taken with a pinch of salt as property prices in the capital are still far above the national average, despite a year of falling prices.

L1 – Liverpool

Despite being a city centre postcode, properties in the L1 area have been slow to sell. Located close to Liverpool One, the popular leisure complex, this area is ideal for anyone wanting a slice of city life and to do away with their commute. Property prices in the area have dropped for both terraced houses and flats – with prices for a flat starting at around the £63,000 mark.

HU1 – Hull

A beautiful port city in East Yorkshire, Hull is a vibrant town where the property market has yet to reflect its lively atmosphere. Encompassing the Old Town, and part of the riverfront area, the HU1 postcode district offers some stunning properties for buyers currently looking to relocate to the area.

Property Sellers

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find the postcodes where demand far outweighs the number of properties available, leading to quick selling times and little to negotiation on

sale price. In these postcodes, now is the prime time for homeowners to put their properties on the market.

S2 – Sheffield

The Steel City is proving popular with buyers, meaning that there’s no time like the present to put your property on the market if you are ready for a change. Close to the city centre itself, S2 encompasses the famous Park Hill flats, unmissable thanks to their colourful exterior. Properties of all types and sizes have been quick to sell in S2, so you shouldn’t expect to wait long for an offer once you put your house or flat on the market.

M40 – Manchester

Encompassing much of the Colyhurst, Newton Heath, and New Moston area, the M40 postcode is a stone’s throw away from the city centre. With the centre of Manchester itself quickly falling out of the price range of young buyers, the M40 area has become a popular alternative thanks to its proximity to the centre and excellent transport links. As the area primarily attracts young buyers, expect flats and smaller properties to sell particularly quickly, with larger homes lagging not too far behind in terms of sale time.

LS1 – Leeds

The unofficial capital of Yorkshire and home to not one but two world-class Universities, Leeds is a city where property is currently in high demand. Covering the central Leeds area, properties in LS1 are close to all the city’s hotspots from shopping to music venues, so it’s easy to see why buyers are keen to get their hands on properties in this postcode.

Whatever postcode you are looking to buy your next property in, you’re sure to find a Blackmore Homes development close by, offering beautiful properties with all the modern amenities you would expect to find. To find out more, take a look at our current property developments.

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