Building Homes for the Future

With demand for housing rising dramatically in recent years, there has never been a better time to create quality and affordable housing developments. The number of permanent dwellings being built each year has been steadily declining since the end of the 1960s. Only recently has the trend started up again, with a small-but-significant increase in homes being built, according to official statistics from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Developing well-designed, well-built properties

It’s crucial that property developers and the government work together to create well-designed, well-built properties that meet the needs of those looking for homes. Whether it’s people looking to take their first steps on to the property ladder, or those looking to upgrade, families up and down the country are in need of new, quality housing developments.

Investing in infrastructure is crucial to the economy, and to national prosperity. At Blackmore Homes, we pride ourselves in creating diverse developments in desirable areas. Driving innovation and positive change within the housing market, we have created attractive investment opportunities in the hope of helping families find their dream home.

Rising to the challenge

In a BBC interview on Philip Hammond’s 2017 budget plans, the Chancellor of the Exchequer stated that the country needed 300,00 more homes each year in order to keep up with the growing demand. At Blackmore, we are ideally placed to work on that goal, providing a diverse collection of new developments.

There are many ways in which Blackmore is rising to the challenge of creating quality new housing developments that is provided by the UK’s current housing shortage. With the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond stating that the country is in need of 300,000 homes each year (in a BBC interview on his 2017 budget plans), the Blackmore group is ideally placed to begin working towards that end.
Our recent developments include properties both near affluent areas like London and Manchester, as well as rural developments in areas like Somerset and the Ribble Valley. This range of new homes gives buyers ample choice and the chance to choose their favourite solution. Our developments have taken buildings like old town halls and disused churches and turned them into beautiful apartments and homes.

In addition, there is an ongoing project with the estate agent Purplebricks to market high-end apartments in Greater Manchester. This project was funded by Blackmore Bonds and has enabled the £1 million transformations of the derelict St. Augustine’s Church into residential properties – while retaining the original windows and pillars of the historic church building.

These are just two of the recent projects to be undertaken by the team here, offering attractive opportunities for substantial returns on investments, while simultaneously driving the UK housing market forward in a positive and sustainable direction.

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