City Life vs Country Life: Which is Right for You?

The UK is packed with great places to live. From the sprawling beauty of the British countryside to the energetic buzz of thriving cities, the sheer variety of rural and urban areas means prospective buyers are never short of options. Of course, these choices inevitably make it harder to decide which is the right place for you.

Whether you crave the tranquillity of the countryside or prefer the activity of the city, Blackmore Homes have property developments available to suit every kind of lifestyle. However, there are certainly pros and cons to living in each environment, and you seriously need to weigh these up before settling on your new home.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick guide on the biggest factors you need to consider when deciding where to live, helping to ensure you make an investment you’re truly happy with.

House Prices

No matter where you’re looking to buy, the price of the property is always going to be a major factor. These prices will obviously always fluctuate between different property types, with the average detached home much higher in value than the average apartment; while they’ll also vary throughout different parts of the country.

However, the general belief is that buyers get more for their money when buying out in the country, since country properties are typically much larger and involve significantly more space. But, according to the latest Halifax Rural Housing Review, the average rural home costs around 20% more than those in urban areas.

Although this might seem a little off-putting, it’s also worth noting that a busy city lifestyle is typically much more expensive, and general living costs are cheaper out in the country.


The British countryside has always been notorious for its gorgeous scenery, with the green rolling hills and jaw-dropping views often proving incredibly appealing to prospective buyers. In addition to the natural beauty of such an environment, the countryside also boasts a more peaceful, quieter lifestyle; with the fresh air, low crime rates and long walks standing in stark contrast to the smog of a city centre.

Interested in living out in the country? Blackmore Homes currently have beautiful property developments in Taunton Dean, Somerset, which are situated on the banks of the tranquil River Otter.


Due to the sheer number of offices, shops and other businesses based in the average city centre, employment opportunities are typically easier to come by in urban areas. The biggest organisations in the world usually base their headquarters in the city, since this is the best way for them to widen their talent pool and attract the best possible employees.

Although jobs are obviously still available in more rural locations (particularly those with impressive transport links), city living certainly holds an advantage for ambitious professionals hoping to further their careers.


While country living is renowned for its peace and tranquillity, such a quiet environment will inevitably offer minimal transport links (which is one of the many reasons it’s so peaceful). City centres, on the other hand, usually provide an array of trains, trams, buses and taxis, alongside convenient access to major motorways. This ultimately makes it much easier for residents to make their way around, with such convenient transport helping you to quickly reach your next destination.

Blackmore Homes currently have fantastic property developments in Liverpool and London, which both sit within a short distance of a bustling city centre and offer the advantages of modern urban life.


Life in the city is often much faster and packed with action. Due to the excellent transport links and close proximity of buildings, you’ll likely be within touching distance of everything you need – such as local supermarkets, bars and restaurants. City centres also offer a vast array of activities and entertainment, such as cinemas, museums, theatres and enormous concert arenas, while the faster broadband speeds help you stay more in touch with modern society.

In comparison, life in the country is much more laid-back, with most rural villages typically coming without many of the amenities found in the city. In addition to freeing yourself from the stresses of urban life, the countryside also lets you become part of a proper community, with the lower population bringing you much closer to your neighbours and other locals.


City living puts you right at the heart of the action and is the ideal choice for buyers who enjoy a faster pace of life and want plenty of things to do. Country living, in contrast, offers a much more tranquil environment, helping you avoid the relentless pace of modern society and take a breath of fresh air.

The question of which is better depends entirely upon your own personality and requirements, since urban and rural living offer two entirely different things. This is exactly why suburban areas are such a popular choice with buyers, since they typically offer a combination of both the urban and rural worlds; a slower pace of life alongside convenient transport links into the nearby cities.

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