Considerations to make when purchasing a new home

A family moving boxes into a new home

We’ve all done it. Fallen in love with photos on a website only to find that the home of your dreams isn’t a dream home at all. Buying a property is one decision where the head definitely needs to rule the heart, so before you start looking in earnest, here’s a list of considerations to take into account when looking for your ideal home.

Location, location, location

It might be a cliche, but this should always be your number one consideration when buying property. A good location remains an asset throughout the length of time you live in your property, so even if a house looks ugly, if it’s close to all the right amenities you should give it serious consideration.

Obviously your choice of location will be influenced by a variety of factors such as commuting distance, good schools, and excellent shopping. However, if they’re important for you they will be for other house hunters too when you come to move, making resale a breeze.

The local community

Once you’ve decided on your ideal location, it’s time to drill down into specific neighbourhoods. As a family you may prefer to be close to good schools, leisure facilities and parks. You’ll want to know about crime rates, transport links, future developments and investments, retail and restaurants and provision of services. Try and spend some time in your chosen areas to get a feel for the lifestyle and always do your research.

Property type

Deciding on the property type you prefer will of course be influenced by your budget and the type of property available in your chosen location. But there are a few considerations to think about when you start viewings:

• Do you prefer original fireplaces or modern convenience?
• Do you love open plan living or will your kids expect their own rooms?
• If you have pets and children, is the garden secure?
• Is the property in good condition? Use your nose to sniff out damp and your eyes to spot cracks and missing roof tiles

Be realistic about your budget

You may have found the ideal doer-upper, or have spotted ways to add value to a tired property, but can you afford to do the job? Always have a survey done so you know exactly what you’re buying and what work you may have to undertake and budget accordingly.

Remember that when you buy you’ll need to add stamp duty and other fees on top of the purchase price. Council Tax adds a fixed yearly cost to your outgoings so make sure you can afford your property now and in the future before you make an offer.

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