How Blackmore Homes are addressing the UK housing crisis

A severe lack of high quality, affordable housing in the UK has created a crisis where there are too few houses available or those that are available are poorly constructed or simply far too expensive for the people searching for a home. A study which covered the period between 1995 and 2016 found that in the 25-34-year-old age group, the percentage of those who owned their own home had dropped from 65% to just 27%. A large part of the problem is that wages increased in this period by just 22%, yet average house prices soared by an incredible 152%. It is very clear where the issue lies. Adding to the UK housing crisis has been a large influx of low-quality builds, which only serve to create more expense for those already struggling to purchase a home.

Future vision and aims of Blackmore Homes

At Blackmore Homes, we are addressing the UK housing crisis by building affordable properties throughout the country. We aim to develop beautiful constructions of a very high quality to ensure that the issues facing the UK property market are reduced. Blackmore development projects cover a wide range of styles, price ranges and building techniques to offer a selection of properties to suit the needs and budgets of many prospective buyers. We see a future in the UK property market where everyone can find a property that they love and, most importantly, is affordable for them.

Diverse Blackmore Homes projects

Our new builds and developments have imagination and aesthetic diversity, whether we are starting from the ground up or converting a beautiful old building. Past projects have included converting barns in the West Country, a church in Cheadle and building modern flats in Stratford. We research the area, current buildings and the consumers’ needs to create properties that are both needed and wanted. Buying property in the UK should be possible for a much larger number of people than it currently is. A wide variety of properties in every region is required to allow for the market to improve and grow.

Improving the UK property market

Blackmore Homes continue to develop conveniently located flats for commuters and houses for first-time buyers and current owners around the country, including in Liverpool, Birmingham, Devon and London. Our housing projects will follow our aim to address the UK housing crisis by creating the right type of quality housing in the right areas – for the right price.

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