How to decide on a property to buy

Choosing a new home is an exciting time, but it’s also a massive commitment.

You’re looking for somewhere that you and your loved ones can live, comfortably and well, for 24 hours a day.

Once you are safely moved into your new home, you will want to stay in the property for some considerable time. Getting it wrong is not an option!

So, how can you decide on which new Blackmore Homes property to choose?

The right place

Presuming you already have a location in mind from the choice of quality developments available, you then need to think about the specific site that suits you best.

Would you prefer to be on the edge of a group of beautiful new homes for example? Or, for ease of access would you like to be near a main road? Or, is your preference to be at the heart of the new development to soak up the community atmosphere?

Having gauged a preference for location within the development, you can look at the types of property available.

The right time

Buying a property means having a wonderful living space for you and your loved ones, but it’s also an investment in your future.

You need to look at the different Blackmore Homes properties in terms of your current needs but also any likely changes. Could your family grow, requiring an extra bedroom? Or, are older children likely to move out, meaning you would value a bedroom that could covert to an office?

Consider if an extra bedroom would add to the property value when you sell too.

The right space

Successful house hunting requires careful consideration of the layout of the rooms, to find one that best fits your needs.

All Blackmore Homes are created for spacious and comfortable living. However, dimensions vary to fit the footprint of the property and to offer a range of choices.

This means you need to think about space. Where do you need the emphasis to be? More storage, larger bedrooms or a sizeable kitchen for entertaining and leisure cooking? Do you want a kitchen with a dining area, or a separate reception room to keep meal times away from preparation areas?

The right “feel”

Many people will tell you, when you’re house hunting you just “know” when you’ve found the right property.

For many buyers, stepping over the threshold of a Blackmore Homes property for their initial viewing feels like “coming home”.

Home ownership is a very individual thing and should be all about what feels right to you. So, look around properties of all sizes and types. Then, decide which one you can picture yourself living in for the next few years or beyond.

Talk to the team at Blackmore Homes for more ways to match your needs and preferences with the perfect property for you.

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