The Best Places to Buy Property Outside of London

The lure of the capital is easy to see, with thousands of people flocking to the bustling metropolis that is London each year. However, given the current state of the London property market, it is also easy to see why so many people are choosing to look elsewhere when it comes to buying a property.

With so many vibrant cities to choose from in England, let’s take a look at some of the best places where you can buy a property outside of London, without sacrificing the big city life.

Greater Manchester

The unofficial capital of the north, the Manchester property market is clearly booming. Many don’t look beyond the city centre, where property prices have soared in recent years. However, the Greater Manchester area is incredibly affordable, making the ideal place to invest in property. Areas located a couple of miles out of the city centre proper are still located close enough to all the vibrant and exciting places that make Manchester so unique, but at a much lower cost for those looking to buy a house.

For those happy to commute, Newton Heath, Miles Platting, Stockport, and Wythenshawe are all becoming more and more attractive to prospective buyers, and have plenty of public transport infrastructures in place for easy access to the city itself.

Manchester City Centre

The city centre itself is a very different beast from the Greater Manchester area, so it is only fitting that it gets its own entry here too. You need only look across the number of cranes over the Manchester city skyline to get a sense of how much investment has gone in the property market here. While the prices are rising incredibly quickly, there are always new developments coming on the market, offering plenty of choice for prospective buyers. Ancoats, the Northern Quarter, Deansgate and Spinningfield all remain key areas, which is reflected in the property prices, and relocating here will ensure that you are right in the heart of the city’s legendary social scene.


Not to be outdone by rival city Manchester, Liverpool also has plenty to offer for those looking to purchase a home outside of the capital. This iconic city has undergone a massive regeneration effort in recent years, which has yet to affect house prices so there’s no time like the present to scoop up a property before prices begin rising here too.


Often cited as a city that has benefited from the ‘Norther Powerhouse” ripple effect of Liverpool and Manchester, Sheffield is not only a great place to buy a house in terms of value for money but offers the perfect mix of city and countryside life. With many suburban areas overlooking the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside, the views are unbeatable but also within easy commuting distance of the city centre itself.


Unlike some of the other cities on this list, Nottingham has yet to come to the attention of property investor, making it an excellent location for those currently looking to buy property as the local market is far less competitive than in other areas.

Nottingham’s city centre itself remains incredibly affordable if you are looking to live in a central area, and has seen little in the way of new builds, retaining much of its historic beauty.


Considered England’s second city, and with good reason, Birmingham is the second-largest city in the country, earning it plenty of comparisons with the capital. As such, Londoners have been flocking up north to take advantage of the comparatively low property price. While this has inflated Birmingham house prices, if you considering moving out of London, the area remains affordable enough to make it worthy of consideration. Buying a property in Birmingham now will surely pay off in the future too, with the promise of HS2 making it one of the best-connected cities in the country.

If you’re ready to make the move, Blackmore Homes has several property developments on offering these vibrant areas, including in the North West, and Yorkshire & The Humber.

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