The Ultimate Guide to Living in Yorkshire and The Humber

Affectionately referred to as “God’s Own County” it is easy to see the appeal of Yorkshire and the Humber as a place to live. The area is thriving thanks to growing digital industries and house prices are yet to catch up, making it the perfect place to invest for first-time buyers.

If you are considering making the move, here’s our guide to living in Yorkshire and the Humber, including things to do, what the job market in the area is like, and some of the top cities to live in.

Things to Do

Home to a number of creative cities and a rich history, there is always something to do or see in Yorkshire and the Humber. From the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to the historic town of Whitby – made famous by Bram Stoker’s Dracula – to more modern attractions like the live music venues and shopping centres that can be found in Leeds and Sheffield.

Offering something for everyone, whether you are looking to move to Yorkshire and the Humber by yourself, or with your family, there will always be plenty of things to keep you busy on your days off. The bigger cities like Leeds also offer easy access to the surrounding cities of Manchester and Liverpool, which are cultural hubs in their own rights.

Working in Yorkshire and The Humber

While much of the attraction of living in Yorkshire and The Humber lies in the scenic beauty of the area, it is also important to look at the local employment market, and the opportunities available. Yorkshire, having once been an industrial hub, can at times still feel stuck in the past with its sleepy villages and quiet towns. However, many of the larger towns in the area have adapted well to a changing workforce, and offer plenty of opportunities for those moving to the area.

Like many northern cities, much of the economic growth and job opportunities in the area can be attributed to the growing digital industries flourishing in the North, along with financial services, real estate, and health and education. Leeds and Sheffield, in particular, have benefited from the boom of digital industries, each being home to a number of award-winning agencies these days.

Tech start-ups have also been flourishing in Yorkshire’s larger cities, and with a good work-life balance on offer, it’s easy to see why both Leeds and Sheffield are such attractive prospects.

Where to Live

There’s no single answer when it comes to the question of where you should live in Yorkshire and the Humber – that will very much depend on whether you are looking for a quiet place in the countryside, or to be live close to a city.

As it stands, property prices in the entire area compare favourably to the rest of the UK. While the national average selling price for property currently stands at £244,567 according to the Office of National Statistics, homes in Yorkshire and the Humber come in at much more appealing numbers. Overall, in the Yorkshire area, property prices are currently around the £160,000 mark – that’s over a whopping £80,000 less than the national average! While that does include the more rural parts of Yorkshire and the Humber, even city centre prices fare well in comparison to the national average. You can buy a property in Sheffield for as little as £166,759, while a home in Leeds will set you back around £178,399. Of course, Leeds and Sheffield aren’t the only cities in the area worth considering when it comes to choosing a place to live in Yorkshire and the Humber.


Once labelled as a struggling northern city, Bradford is now on a mission to become the Shoreditch of Yorkshire. While it still has a long way to go, this makes it the perfect place to live for anyone looking to get on the property ladder on a budget. According to Rightmove, buyers can pick up a semi-detached house in the Bradford area for an average of £137,306. Located only 10 miles away from Leeds, it’s also the perfect commuter town for anyone looking to balance the job prospects offered by the city with the much lower property prices that can be found in Bradford.


A hub of history and culture, Hull is a paradise for any creative individual, having been named the UK City of Culture in 2017. There’s plenty to enjoy in the way of sports too as the city is home to championship league football team Hull City and a successful ice hockey team, along with some famous names in boxing. If the cities quirky streets aren’t enough to draw you in, then the house prices might just do the trick. Currently, the average sale price for a terraced property in the Hull area is £108,404 according to Rightmove – far below the national average.


The undeniable capital of Yorkshire (and probably of the north were it not for Manchester), Leeds has a youthful and vibrant feel about it. Home to two highly-regarded universities, it attracts plenty of young talent each year with many students choosing to make the cities

their home long after they graduate. This makes the city particularly attractive to young professionals, and those looking to get a slice of the booming digital and technology sectors that are attracting so many established companies and start-ups alike. City centre living itself is far cheaper than in other northern cities, such as Manchester, and there are no shortage of villages dotted around Leeds for those who are happy to commute in exchange for


The Steel City is yet another hub of creativity in the north and home to some of the biggest acts in music, including Bring Me The Horizon and Arctic Monkeys. The city is also home to one of the biggest art scenes outside of the capital, making it a strong contender for those looking to move somewhere with a strong creative scene, and job opportunities that mirror this. While the city has seen a lot of redevelopment and invested in recent years, this has yet to drive up property prices, so there’s no time like the present to buy a property in Sheffield, as prices will no doubt rise over the next few years.

Blackmore Homes Property Developments in Yorkshire and the Humber

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