Top 5 Reasons To Buy Property In Northamptonshire

Although it might not sound like the most exotic destination in the world, the county of Northamptonshire has become incredibly popular with home-buyers in recent times.

Awash with gorgeous landscapes, picturesque villages and an unmistakeable rural charm, this scenic part of the country has always been steeped in history and boasts some truly remarkable pieces of architecture.

But why has Northamptonshire suddenly become such a great place to live?

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  1. The picturesque landscape and villages

Northamptonshire is jam-packed with quaint villages and beautiful landscapes, drenching the county in the kind of greenery you’d never expect to find so close to the capital. The area is full of scenic walks, beautiful parks and large country houses, with the Stanwick Lakes, Coton Manor Garden and Abington Park proving particularly popular for a day out in the countryside.

  1. There’s plenty for you to do

Besides the vast array of outdoor parks, Northamptonshire has got plenty of other things to keep you busy. Towns such as Northampton, Kettering and Daventry boast some of the best restaurants and bars in the East Midlands, while the Grosvenor Shopping Centre and Wicksteed Park provide the perfect family day out.

If you consider yourself something of a history buff, you could even check out the site for the Battle of Naseby, pay a visit to Northampton Castle, or have a great afternoon at Boughton House. However you like to spend your weekends, Northamptonshire has a surprising amount of things for you to do.

  1. Excellent value for money

Many people are still finding themselves completely priced out of the London property market, meaning that they’re having to find a more affordable area they can commute in from. Northamptonshire is one such area, offering excellent value for money on a range of properties– from cosy cottages to large detached houses.

When you consider the scenic landscapes and convenient location, it’s hard to believe that property developments in Northamptonshire are so much cheaper than the surrounding counties and cities.

  1. Great transport links

Northamptonshire is nestled nicely in the East Midlands, just an hour away from London and offering easy routes to the likes of Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Northampton sits right next to the M1 and M6, while you can also get a direct train to the capital, with services running four times an hour and taking just over 60 minutes to complete the journey.

There are excellent transport links throughout the rest of Northamptonshire, too, with train stations at Wellingborough, Kettering and Corby to name but a few. Of course, this is why it’s considered one of the best areas for London commuters to live.

  1. The property market is BOOMING!

Buying a property in Northamptonshire should be considered more of an investment than a purchase, since house prices have continued to rise steadily over the past few years. To be more specific, prices have risen by just over 8% in the past year alone!

Due to its great location and affordable prices, Northamptonshire is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand areas of the country. This is currently one of the UK’s fastest-growing property markets, with Wellingborough in particular seeing an impressive price spike over the past 2 years.

So, if you’re looking to buy in Northamptonshire, you need to jump on the property ladder before prices begin to truly soar.



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