Why Bricks and Mortar is a Solid Investment

Investing in bricks and mortar, in real estate, is the best bet when it comes to creating a safe and secure way for your money to grow and for your wealth to increase. There are many investments that you can choose from and each comes with its own risks and rewards, but brick and mortar investment is always a safe bet. Here we explore why residential property investment is the best way to invest your cash for a brighter future.

Invest more than you have

One of the major benefits of residential property investment is that it enables you to invest more than you have into the property. Unlike most investments, banks will allow you to borrow money against the property that you are buying, so you can increase your investment using the wealth of others.

Earn income from the property

A residential property investment is one that can provide you with an income, because you can let the space out and earn a rental income from it. In many cases, you can even cover all of the costs of your upkeep and mortgage with the rental income, meaning that your ongoing investment in the property is all coming from the tenant living there.

An investment that grows

Property also increases in value over time. There is a national shortage of housing and that will continue to drive the price of property up, so it’s clear that this is an investment that will grow. By investing your money in property you will be able to experience a slow but steady growth on your investment as time goes by.

Strong and stable

Property prices tend to be stable. Even when the house prices in an area drop, they do so only by a small amount and you are still left with ownership of a tangible and real property. When other investments crash, it is common that you will lose everything, but this is not the case with residential property investment.

While no investment is risk-free, real estate can keep on giving. Using your initial deposit, you can make a huge investment that will grow while your tenants are helping you to pay off the mortgage on the property. In no time at all, you can watch your wealth increase dramatically and start looking for your next property investment.


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